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If a circle touches the heart
and helps guide you on your path,
it's a healing circle.

-Michael Lerner
Healing Circles Houston support group.  Healthcare, self-care, life change, grief, cancer, mental health.  Healing community


We heal best in community.


                                   -Rachel Naomi Remen


An old proverb reminds us that sharing joy with others doubles that joy and sharing sorrow halves that sorrow.  


Healing Circles offer

… a nurturing and supportive place where all may explore and engage in their own healing. 

… a safe space that invites us to step outside the ordinary flow of time and discover a refuge for deep inner listening.

… a learning community that offers a social hub where we may expand our capacity for healing and living well.

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The impulse to share the healing experience— to help others face what we have faced—is built into the human psyche.

-Michael Lerner

Becoming a Healing Circle Host or Guardian is a gift to your community and to yourself.

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1100 Milford Street, Houston, TX 77006

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