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Host a Circle

Contact us here to find out more about bringing circles to your organization

Healing Circles Houston Support Group. Learn to run a gealing circle


Healing Circles is a growing learning community of people who enjoy the sense of belonging and meaning that comes from being in service to others. We offer training for those who would like to learn how to host a circle and provide support to those who hold circles. 


Healing Circles is a growing community of volunteers who find joy and meaning in service. Our culture is one of creativity and self-care. Volunteering to host circles is a compassionate way to give to a world in need.


If you’ve completed training for Healing Circles hosts and guardians, we extend a warm welcome for you to join Healing Circles Global’s monthly Circle of Hosts. Hosts from around the world gather to support one another, share stories and best practices, and learn more about communities of circle work.

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